NewSpace Segment Drives Growth at WOLF

Stouffville, ON -- February 18, 2020 -- Wolf Advanced Technology (WOLF) is doing its part to support the NewSpace market segment which is made up of over eighty companies that aim to lower the cost of space applications and travel.

"It's gratifying to know that so many of the live videos we see from space are made possible, in part, because of our products," said Greg Maynard, President and CTO of WOLF, "and that we're contributing to lowering the cost of launches and space travel overall."

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Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Bank of America Merrill Lynch are forecasting the NewSpace market segment to grow to anywhere between $1 trillion to $2.7 trillion per year by the 2040's.

"With the exception of NASA, we don't talk about any of our customers' space applications," added Maynard, "but what we can say is that we have shipped over 750 products to multiple companies in the NewSpace segment and that WOLF products are playing an important supporting role in helping to reduce the cost of space applications."

WOLF has a complete line of video-centric, High Performance Embedded Computing (HPEC), and autonomy modules that incorporate NVIDIA, AMD, and Xilinx technologies and are available in custom, industry, and military form factors. WOLF's products have a proven track record for the performance and durability required for deployment in the air and in space.


The NewSpace Market Segment

Wikipedia includes over 80 companies that make up the NewSpace market segment and characterizes these companies as having the following characteristics:

  • Focus on cost reductions
  • An assurance that the low costs will pay off
  • Ensuring incremental development
  • Foray into commercial markets with high-consumer rates
  • Primary emphasis on optimizing operations
  • At the heart of it all, innovation

Though largely made up of smaller, private companies, the NewSpace market segment includes a number of well known companies like SpaceX, Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic, The Spaceship Company, and more.



About Wolf Advanced Technology

Wolf Advanced Technology designs, develops and manufactures military-rugged modules for video capture, process, encode, display and AI inference. Eight out of the ten largest military and aerospace companies use WOLF products, in addition to commercial rocket companies and NASA. WOLF solutions are designed to operate in harsh aerospace and defense environments without sacrificing any processing power. WOLF’s products include rapidly available COTS solutions, feature tailored MCOTS solutions, and full custom designs. WOLF supports a variety of board configurations, including 3U and 6U VPX, XMC and MXC/MXM.


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