VPX PCI-Express Interface: P1/P2/P5 Port Configurations

This document describes WOLF’s VPX PCI-Express port configuration options as it applies to both the VPX3U and VPX6U system architectures.

WOLF’s VPX 3U/6U modular solutions have been designed to facilitate rapid module integration into today’s highly configurable rugged system designs. WOLF’s VPX solutions combine advanced technology graphics and compute modules, legacy analog and high speed digital capture, process and display, and VPX interface configurability supporting multiple host interface options.

Figure 1: Multi-Root Switch Configurations

Several Host to Endpoint configuration options are possible however fundamentally all switch modes in the Base level act as a standard PCI Express switch, supporting a one Host hierarchy.

For more advanced Host to Endpoint designs, several Virtual Switch configurations are possible each supporting enhanced feature support such as Non-Transparent Bridging, Host Redundancy and Host Fail-Over.

All PCI Express port options as described in this document are factory configured based on the specific client configuration established through WOLF’s product part number information in discussion with the customer.

Specific signal definitions and pin mapping designations are described in Appendix ‘A’.

To read the entire document please view the pdf file.



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