WOLF Announces VPX Video I/O Module with New 75 Ohm Coaxial Connectors

Stouffville, ON – May 4, 2023 – WOLF has been participating in a VITA working group to define module profiles for video I/O that uses a new hybrid NanoRF/optical connector. The current revision of the VITA Technical Standard defines a 50 Ohm impedance connector for radio frequency applications which can also be used for lower bandwidth digital video, however, 75 Ohm is preferred for higher bandwidth digital video due to lower attenuation (less loss) and lower capacitance (less distortion). 

This modification to the standard will define new dash numbers for existing slot profiles 14.6.11 and 14.6.13, to specify the details for the new connectors as well as supported video formats and pinouts. The connector definition and performance requirements will also be added to VITA 65.1 and VITA 67.3, to ensure interoperability between suppliers.

WOLF has been developing a new module that uses two of these new connectors in P2A and P2B, integrating them into a 3U VPX air flow through module, the VPX3U-A2000E-FGX2-COAX (WOLF‑1471). Each of the connectors is a hybrid NanoRF/optical module, with six 75 Ohm NanoRF contacts and cabling that can support up to 18+ GHz, as well as an optical connector intended for use with ARINC 818.

Photo of WOLF-1471 rear view

WOLF-1471 air flow through module, rear view, showing the
hybrid NanoRF/optical modules from TE Connectivity.

This WOLF module has been designed to capture up to two 12G-SDI video inputs as well as two CVBS (RS-170a) video inputs, and to output up to four 12G-SDI video. The integrated WOLF FGX video format conversion technology also enables the module to be modified to support additional video formats, to allow future versions of this WOLF product to support STANAG 3350 and/or the ARINC 818 video format via the optical connector. The WOLF module provides PCIe Gen4 connectivity, as well as an advanced NVIDIA Ampere GPU for video processing, providing the data throughput and processing power needed to handle 4K resolution video frames.

“The new connector provides 75 Ohm coaxial video inputs and outputs compatible with various sensors, providing the interoperability that is key to the overall mission of standards bodies. The connector allows video sensors to be directly connected to the compute hardware, for sensor-to-edge processing efficiency,” says Keith Menezes, Director of Technical Sales Engineering. “Working with industry partners on this new connector ensures a path to meet standards-based technical requirements for various ISR applications.”

For more information about the VPX3U-A2000E-FGX2-COAX (WOLF 1471) please visit the product page on the WOLF website. https://wolf.ca/products/3u-vpx/vpx3u-a2000e-fgx2-coax


About WOLF

WOLF Advanced Technology designs and manufactures rugged high-performance computing, AI, and video I/O boards, modules, and systems. Solutions are designed to operate in harsh aerospace and defense environments without sacrificing any of the high-speed processing available from advanced NVIDIA GPUs and APUs, and Xilinx FPGAs. Products range from extremely low-power modules to industry-leading high-performance data analysis, processing, and AI modules which meet embedded systems SWaP requirements. Product architectures include standards-based VPX, XMC, and MXM modules as well as full custom designs.






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