Senior Leadership Team


Craig McLaren


Craig McLaren
President and CEO

As the visionary CEO and founder, Craig created the engineering, development, and production framework that set the stage for WOLF's present-day success and its future growth. By instituting an organic product development approach that begins with a focus on the customer's goals, Craig has ensured that WOLF's research and production are market-demand focused. With dozens of products that have been used in thousands of missions over air, land, sea, and in space, Craig has positioned WOLF's operational team to maximize the use and integration of rapidly emerging technologies from partners like NVIDIA, AMD, and Xilinx, to enhance the success of missions for years to come.

Craig founded WOLF Advanced Technology in 1999 (as Wolf Industrial Systems) specifically to focus on military-grade electronics for graphics processing. Prior to founding WOLF he was the owner of MICS Inc.


Greg Photo


Greg Maynard

Greg joined Wolf in 1998 as Operations Manager and became responsible for day to day product development, production, and product management. With deep knowledge of Wolf's unique technical capabilities, Greg was promoted to Chief Technology Officer in 2016, and is a key executive that ensures strategic sales and engineering efforts are closely mapped to market demand. Greg drove key technical and operations advancements at Wolf including the implementation of a materials requirements planning software platform, the use of custom field gate programmable arrays, the information technology infrastructure, materials handling procedures, the establishment of development software and tooling, and quality goals.


Jacqueline McBeigh
Sr. VP Quality Engineering

Jacqueline joined WOLF in 2017 as Director, Quality Engineering and was promoted to Vice President, Quality Engineering in June of 2019. Jacqueline comes from a progressive Quality focused background having held leadership roles in various industries including Military, Aerospace and Nuclear Power Generation for global innovators such as Honeywell, GE and Siemens. Jacqueline is responsible for setting and executing strategic direction for quality at WOLF which includes managing our newly implemented AS9100 QMS, various continuous improvement strategies, maintaining Quality in partnership with WOLF’s supply chain, and maintaining industry leading quality performance.


Lindsey Chapman
Vice President, Global Sales

Lindsey joined WOLF in 2019 to establish and implement our Global Rep/VAR/SI and partner network and to manage global sales operations. After the successful implementation of the representative global strategy, she was promoted to VP, Global Sales. Lindsey's dedication and leadership of our customer success and go-to-market strategy have contributed to WOLF’s year-over-year growth. With 20 years of sales and marketing experience in telecom, media, and IT, Lindsey leads our sales and marketing operations, supporting WOLF's position as a leader in rugged high performance computing and video I/O solutions globally. In her free time, Lindsey enjoys her passion for Aerospace by creating content for her Space quiz show.








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