RTM Module for WOLF SBCs with Multiple Inputs and Outputs

  • Compatible with WOLF’s 14T0, 14T3, 14T2
  • SDI, CVBS, DisplayPort/HDMI connections
  • USB ports, Ethernet port
  • Reset and Program push buttons



The VPX3U-ORIN-RTM module is compatible with WOLF 3U VPX SBC modules which include an NVIDIA Jeston AGX Orin, providing multiple inputs and outputs for these modules. The number of active inputs and outputs on this RTM will depend on the number of enabled inputs and outputs of the 3U VPX module this RTM is connected to.

The front panel includes Video I/O, USB, an Ethernet port, and Program/Reset buttons.

The main board also includes a SATA connector, 4 GPIO, a connection to the IPMC, 2 serial connections, I2C connections, and NVMRO.

3U VPX RTM module photo


Product Options

WOLF modules come with factory configuration options to meet your requirements.
Contact WOLF to discuss MCOTS and custom design services if more extensive modifications are required.



Open the VPX3U-ORIN-RTM WOLF-14R1 datasheet - includes block diagram, order codes, etc.






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