3U VPX RTM Board with Multiple Input and Output Connectors

  • Fully compatible with WOLF’s VPU boards
  • Power connector to carrier board
  • SDI inputs and outputs
  • DP++ outputs
  • Analog inputs and outputs



This 3U VPX rear transition module (RTM) is compatible with WOLF’s VPU boards, the WOLF-1110 and WOLF-1010.

The board provides interfaces for SDI inputs and outputs, with 8 SDI connectors that can transmit up to 3G-SDI and 8 SDI connectors that can transmit up to 12G-SDI. Two DisplayPort++ connectors are available which can transmit HDMI and DVI outputs. Analog interfaces include CVBS, VGA, and 4 configurable analog interfaces.

3U VPX RTM module


In Production

This product is currently in production as a COTS product with configurable options.
Contact WOLF to discuss your customization or MCOTS requirements.



Open the VPX3U-RTM WOLF-10R0 datasheet - includes block diagram, order codes, etc.



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